Setup Quality & Testing Process & Practices (DUXQ)

Setup Quality & Testing Process & Practices (DUXQ)

DUXCON’s Quality and testing process and practise consultation involves providing expert guidance and support to organizations in developing and implementing robust quality assurance and testing practices. The goal is to optimize the quality of software products, improve the efficiency of testing processes, and enhance overall development outcomes. Here are the important aspects of effective quality and testing process consultation.

Understanding customer’s expectations of Quality, role of individuals, responsibilities of teams involve in development of software play major role to foster a culture of quality assurance within the organization. Effective quality and testing process consultation enables organizations to improve the quality of their software products, enhance testing efficiency, reduce defects, and increase customer satisfaction. It ensures that the organization follows industry best practices, leverages appropriate tools and technologies, and develops a robust quality assurance framework that supports successful software delivery.

DUXCON’s Quality and Testing process consultation involve in-depth assessment of gaps and provide process and framework including end to end management of requirement review, test scoping, planning, test environment, Test case & data design, test execution, defect management, automation, performance check, server performance check, reporting and adoption of best practices.

During a DevOps process consultation, the following key process areas are typically addressed:

During a DevOps process consultation, the following key process areas are typically addressed:

Initial Assessment and Scope / Gap Analysis

Agreement on Strategy and Planning

Adoption of Tooling framework and Infrastructure integration

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Continuous Improvement, measure with KPIs

Post change Monitoring of CI/CD and Feedback

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