Setup Cloud Administration Services With AWS/Azure

Setup Cloud Administration Services With AWS/Azure

Most of the industrial applications, data, utilities, infrastructure is hosted in cloud. The knowledge of cloud computing help companies to understand the require architecture, automation, management, monitor while host applications in cloud and confirm the performance of the application usage for the target users. The effective deployment of applications require end to end knowledge of cloud computing. In DUXCON we provide consultation on cloud computing from the knowledge base of on-prem services deployment to AWS or Azure cloud with end-to-end administration of governance, compliance, virtual networking, VM, computing, data protection and monitoring. Our trained engineer is having in-hand understanding of handling dynamic web application handling from initial build to final deployment process and handling situations.

During the cloud administration DUXCON’s cloud administrator engage with client’s team to understand and design the infrastructure provisioning, dynamic scalability of cloud infra during application CI/CD, create process for CI/CD, collaboration, creation of cloned environment for functional & load testing.

Cloud-based infrastructure and services enable agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency, aligning with the principles and goals of DevOps and enabling efficient and effective testing processes. During cloud administration the enforcement of re-host, re-platform, repurchase, retain, retire, and re-factor—can help you to determine clear paths for your migration in agile lifecycle of product or solution development.

Initial Assessment and Scope / Gap Analysis

Agreement on Strategy and Planning

Adoption of Tooling framework and Infrastructure integration

Post change Monitoring of CI/CD and Feedback

Continuous Improvement, measure with KPIs

Training and Knowledge Transfer

This course includes:

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