Entrepreneurship Development & Management Program

Entrepreneurship Development & Management Program

DUXCON’s Entrepreneurship Development & Management consultation program is a specialized service that provides guidance, support, and expertise to individuals or organizations looking to start, grow, or manage their entrepreneurial ventures. This program aims to assist entrepreneurs in developing the necessary skills, knowledge, and strategies to build successful businesses and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

In India and globally >70% entrepreneurship undergoes extreme stress to sustain and loss. Our model guides you from initiation of business till it’s stabilized.

Our Entrepreneurship Development & Management consultation programs are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of entrepreneurs. By leveraging the expertise and guidance provided by consultants, entrepreneurs can enhance their chances of success, mitigate risks, and build sustainable businesses. These programs empower entrepreneurs to make informed decisions, navigate challenges, and unlock their full entrepreneurial potential.

Our consultation helps you on building the following areas during commencement of business.

  • Business Idea Evaluation & Development
  • Business planning and strategy
  • Market Analysis and Strategy models
  • NBFC, Business loan, funding proposal creation
  • Fund rising Process and connecting to seed funding ecosystem
  • Guidance for IP right, copyright, Trademarks & process
  • Promotional and Digital Marketing solutions
  • Business Process visibility & Operational Process setup
  • Entrepreneurship mindset and Risk Management
  • Legal and Regulatory compliance
  • Skill Management / Upskilling

The business consultation is 100% free for individuals who are having max. education is 12th standard and capable to invest min. 50k. (T&C: commitment to business and can employ at least 1 person in first 6-9 months of business initiation)

Industry Jobs Associated With The Training

Areas Of Industry Standard Coverage

This course includes:

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