Our Campus Drive 2024

In a strategic move to identify and recruit top-tier engineering talent, DuxCon is embarking on a mission to select the best 101 engineering students from various colleges across the region through a Campus Drive for our flagship program named P3 (Pay Post Placement). Our rigorous selection process is designed to identify candidates who not only excel academically, but also demonstrate practical problem-solving skills, IT processes, software development, and QA orientation. 

Campus Drive at AMC College of Engineering

“On the 9th of October, we visited AMC College in search of our best 101 students. More than 100 students were eligible to attend the test, while more than 300 students registered for our P3 Program. Through a rigorous filtration process, we selected the top 10 students who are not only excellent in academics but also possess strong management skills and good communication abilities.”

Campus Drive at SVIT College

 “A wonderful visit to SVIT! We had a great discussion with students about industry skills, identified missing technical skill gaps, and discussed the challenges they faced while searching for a job. Their talent met our criteria, and we selected more than 10 students out of the 70 eligible students who attended the test for our flagship program, P3 (Pay Post Placement).”

Campus Drive at SKIT College

“Our mission to select 101 students is continuing with our third college, which is SKIT. The students showed us their involvement and eagerness to learn industry skills. After a rigorous three-round selection process within a seven-hour timeline, we shortlisted nine individuals.”

Campus Drive at CBIT College,Kolar

“The discussion conveyed Duxcon’s motive behind this program to the students and faculties. The involvement of both students and the management was excellent. From the ocean of talents, we selected our best five for our flagship program.”

Campus Drive at ATRIA and RGIT College

Duxcon’s recent visit to ATRIA & RGIT College was a resounding success as we scouted for the best and brightest talent to join our Industry Readiness Program. With a clear focus on preparing students for real-world challenges, we were thrilled to interact with numerous students eager to take their first steps into the professional world.

Campus Drive at Vemana Institute of Technology

Our recent visit to the Vemana Institute of Technology was a triumph! With unwavering determination and hard work, the students showcased their exceptional talents, skills, and potential, and as a result, we’ve had an incredible turnout.

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